Frequently ask questions

1. What is our mission?
Facilitate the internationalization of small and medium-sized companies in thePortuguese speaking world is our primary mission.

We're looking too for the best products, manufacturers and artists that each country has to offer!

2. What we offer?
To buyers:
The best products from the best manufacturers, producers and artists  around the world!
Security. In most cases we buy to sell what we ordered!
We sell worlwide!
Free access to costumer account  in order to have access to our products and promotions!
Acess to group buys where they can buy almost on factory price!
Honesty and prompt resolution of any eventual problem!

To our suppliers/business partners:

Global promotion of their products and penetration in other markets.

Free access to our shop for introduction and modification of the products that we sell from them, as well as the follow-up of the orders that are made by our customer regarding the products they supply us.

Possibility of retail and wholesale sales.

Opportunity to be represented on a Commission basis.

Honesty and prompt resolution of any eventual problem!

3. Do i have to pay anything to register as a costumer

No you dont! The register process is completly free

4. How to buy in this store?

Sign up as a customer introducting your email and password. Other quickly way is to register with your facebook, Twitter or Google+  account.

Then simply click on the product categories that interest you and add the desired items to cart.

After all items are chosen, finalize the purchase. Note that there are products that need to be customized by the customer before being added to the cart. In this case go to the product section customize, enter the required data and click the save button. Then add to cart. This is the case for example if you want to order a painting from a photograph carried by you.

5. Group Deals

It is a way for people or professionals buy a container or lot together.

Each buyer reserves the quantities you want and when you reach the minimum reached, proceed to the payment and the order is validated and processed.

You can suggest a group purchase for any product. If it is not in our product portfolio, we will look for a manufacturer that can supply it at a competitive price. Then you can invite your friends or business partners to enter the business to get the necessary quantities to guarantee the best price or, possibly, free transportation by surcharge.

 Be our partner and sell true us
6. How to be our supplier
Be our supplier
1º- Subscribe as a client using ociais networks or the button "Enter"

-After registered as a customer in your account management page has a button "My seller account". Fill in the fields that are requested.

Will appear a series of buttons of your seller account in the management of your business. You can add products and track the status of sales.

You can immediately create products. The same however only be available in the store  after the approval of the Administration once there is need to verify the correctness of the data and carry out the translation, if you have not yet been made.

Note-contact us to sell in our shop if you have difficulty in introducing the products.In this case the same shall be made by us from the data which you send us by email.Anyway, you can  automatically insert, copy, duplicate, change products and track orders, even if sold on our behalf.

7. Do i pay anithing to register as a seller?
Just will have to be negotiated a Commission which will only be charged at the time of sale of the product.

Another way is to put the price  of the  product that you establish to us. In this case we will establish our price to costumers and buy to you depending on orders who results from our marketing ativity.

We reserve the right not to accept all suppliers that if increverem and establish ourprice.

8. I have to be enrolled in finance ?

If you want to sell products to us, yes. In that case we buy to sell and the invoice is in our name.

If you only want space and that we colect the money for you we just keep our comission as a service to you. However we just garantee the costumer is well served.

9. Who supports the shipment?
The advertiser or seller support when  send the products! After receiving the product value (lessour Commission or margin) and plus the transport which effectively supported. So the supplier is compensated buy us.

It is important to put the weight of the product already packed, as close as possible to reality. The carrier currently available to associate the products is from CTT transporter.  The shipment will be  calculated automatically from the weight of the products in flat rates of the transporter. The risk of shipping be different from real is supported by us.

In the case of suppliers from other countries, or even products that by their nature require new carriers, it is possible to create the same on account of seller or with our help.

Typically, unless the transport is free, it is the buyer who actually supports the shippment.

10. What is the margin value or comission?
In the case of the Commission depends on the type of products to market.
In the case we are the buyer, vendor introduces the price we wants to  sell to us. The final price will be set buy us. 
When it comes to real estate for sale we charge only a fixed amount of 100 euros after a successeful sale.
In the case of professionals, the value is smaller.

11. Can i sell my products in other places?
Yes, however you might want to do so with the same price than that contained in the portal. In addition it is good practice to share the products from our website because that will attract people to see the other products of their collection.
Also if it is to sell cheaper, you can always propose a discount on the site!
If you have created a vendor account, disable the product or correct the stocks available!

12. I have a fisic an one online store already! Can i expose my products in your portal?
Yes, you can!
Just have to be quality products and should put the cost price or negotiate with us Commission.
We will help in the translation of products and their promotion on the world market.
We will gain only what we sell through our portal!

 Real Estate Business
13. I am a private seller! Can i expose my property in your portal to sell to the world?
Yes, you can. Simply register as a client and as a supplier.
However, the sale will be made in your name. We will put  any interested person in contact with you! We can forward you for a real estate to help you with all papers and transaction.
After selling you  should eliminate the property from the portal and then you should pay the  afixed amount of 100 euros to cover the costs of promotion and maintenance of the portal.
There is no time limit to expose the products and you can sell it by other means too.

14. I am a Real Estate professional! Can i expose my properties for free in your Portal?
Yes, you can and should since we work with many people around the world interested in good investments. 
Only is charged a fixed value after the sale. You can even share your properties from the portal.
We will put interested people in contact with you!
If the deal is carried out directly by you without our intervention or through the portalwe ask that you eliminate the property from our portal and pay the simbolic value for the promotion and website maintenance. 
There are no time limits for exposure of real estate.

15. Can i put advertising adds in your store?

Yes, you can include banners on the sides and central columns at the top, etc with a video or link to your company or institution.

You can also offer pre-purchased products. For example a package tour, meals in a particular restaurant. Thus the customer can eventually obtain a product with a lower value for the physical location sold.

Please consult the advertising category!

16. What are the payment methods available?

Are already available the payment by bank transfer, by ATM and by Paypal.

The Paylpal allows you to make payments by debit or credit card. Is the most securemeans of payment used in the internet. Is the payment faster once payment confirmation is immediate.

We also work with documentary credit in sales abroad.
Pontualy we use Escrow sistem to sales and buyings.