These are the conditions for sales in our shop:

-The store receives payment from customers and pay the seller the price that thissnake to store this product.

-The payment of the product the seller is done after the good rececão of the same by the buyer;

-A seller must have a member account of seller to begin to introduce products;

-The billing is done usually by the customer store which you purchased the product. The owner of the product invoice to our company at the time that sends it to the client.

-The introduction of the products is made by the seller or by the store. The sellerwill be assisted whenever I have difficulties. The translation is done by the seller(for this purpose it is recommended to use the Bing or Google Translator.

-The shop undertakes to make the translation of the product into English but is not responsible for any inaccuracy, since machine translation engines will be usedbased on google or bing. It is recommended that the translation is made by theseller.

-The store currently only has the Portuguese and English. However, at the top of the page there is a google translator that translates the entire contents of the page where there is a online visitor.

-Unless the seller expressly inform us, the store reserves the right to integrate the products in other international online sales sites (e.g. ebay or amazon).

-The cost of packaging is for seller's account. The carriage is assumed by the seller and then charged to our store.

-Whenever a product presents problems, the store reserves the right to retainthe value of the product until the situation is resolved with the client.

-The carriers available right now are the CTT. However, sellers may suggest newcarriers will be able to create or request for it to be created by the store.


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