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If it's manufacturer, inventor, craftsman, artist, writer or distributor and want to be our supplier to sell to all over the world, in particular to the countries of Portugueseofficial language and respective communities scattered around the world, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to sell tickets to shows, restaurant vouchers, vouchers of hotels here as well. Received by you and we retain our Committee.

We are constantly looking for quality products to help us connect the Portuguese-speaking world in all colors and different accents. We buy to export and import to distribute in all the world who speacks portuguese.

Azores, Madeira, Macau, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Brazil Are Tóméand Principe, East Timor and Portuguese communities around the world are ourpreferred partners wants to import and for export.

You can sell your property here too. Just have to be in your name or in Real Estate agent.

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-The inclusion of products in our shop is free!
-The inclusion in facebook shop is automatic!
-Promotion in all countries of the Portuguese speaking world, including the communities concentrated in other countries;
-Access to forms of financing of sale with world-class partners.
-Export process simplified, since the billing is done in most cases by our company tocustomers located in other countries. Buy to sell!
-Easy Credit to national and international clients through various funding mechanisms.
-Payments and receipts safe through our partners funders;
-Transport facilitated through our expert partners in each market;
-Promotion in other sites of great world projection;
-Facilities sales wholesale and retail trade;
-Possibility of change and products directly  by the supplier who has a seller account!
-Selecting a manufacturer or author you will have all your products displayed!
-Sharing products true blog introducing the author or manufacturer!
-After 20 products will write an article in prestablog linked to the products and all portfolio and announced in several networks
-Possibility to sell to various people who buy in group. Simply set the number of required quantity  and  the time to sell with  the promotion (or not)  and people will make reservations.When the threshold is reached, the sale is held. Especially suitable for manufacturers;
Possibility to get a catalog built from the store data and the different languages ​​used in the online store .


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